Open is our new adventure! Here are a few words about what, how and why we are Open.

Guada González, a.k.a “Boocles”, is a graphic designer and teacher who worked at several design studios in Buenos Aires and Barcelona. She is a “naturalista urbana” and feeds her artistic needs with watercolors and pencils.

Lucas Daglio (that’s me!), Creative Director and teacher. I worked at several agencies in both Buenos Aires and Barcelona. I teach creativity and writing and investigate the creative process. When I’m not working I like to fill notebooks with stuff that occasionally become stories.

In 2011 we left our jobs in order to create Stay Hungry, a place which specializes in researching and teaching the creative process. Since then, more than 800 students have passed through and we have collaborated with important companies and institutions such as Intermón Oxfam, Weekendesk, Escola Elisava, Privalia, Agencia Catalana de Turismo, among others.

This journey, in which we have (literally) flown thousands of miles and read for hundreds of hours, has brought us here. This is the moment when we decide to call ourselves Open Design Studio, and implies being honest about how and with whom we want to share our knowledge, experience and time.

Open will be (it is already!) a creative studio focused on artistic & cultural projects. We believe that now more than ever we need creativity, art and culture to give our mind and ideas room to breathe and grow. We want to help raise awareness in a world that’s becoming more and more complex and unpredictable.

We want to be the partner for your cultural or artistic project

to help you with creative and effective communication so that you can not only feel fulfilled, but also reach more people with your powerful message.

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Who we are

Fueled by Passion

Guada González

Art Director & Graphic Designer

Lucas Daglio

Creative Director & Copywritter

How we work

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