we want more art
in people’s lives

That’s why we write, design and screenprint this manifesto in defence of art.

We cannot conceive humanity without art,
and we want more art in people’s lives
because we understand that it will be what finally
opens up this complex world in which we live.

Art is the last place where we can still truly be free.

It is what will give us more diversity,
more knowledge,
more empathy.

Because having more art
means having more forms of expression
and having more forms of expression
will help us to understand each other.
Isn’t that what we need most today?

We all experience life in a unique and personal way.
That singularity sometimes takes shape and,
like a bolt of lighting that seeks the land,
explodes in an unprepared heart.

It’s not magic, but it feels like it.
And once it happens to you,
there is no turning back.

So, yes, we need more art.

That’s why we want to be the bridge
between artists and the people,
especially for people who unknowingly
have a sensitivity that is waiting to be surprised.

Because art does not need more consumers,
it needs more sensitive souls.