Radial Radiant


The proposal is based on an extensive investigation of what “design” means to them, the way they want to explore it in order to enhance their projects, the type of customers they point to and their way of relating with them. This allows us to generate an identity that is related to them, with which they feel represented and comfortable to offer their services confidently.

From this deep investigation, we arrive at a series of key terms that define and differentiate them: process, dynamism, experimentation, materiality.
Thus the proposal is made by a typography that has 32 variables between weight and condensation. The logo takes different condensations in each letter giving a sense of transformation. This feature allows us to compose 4 variations of it, giving the logo a feeling of movement, dynamism and depth.
The black background allows us to give the context the importance that corresponds to it, knowing that a good design is the one that bears in mind the environment where it is projected and that it is always necessary to see the negative, the outline.